“Your family certainly achieved that goal of creating a client-centered culture at ONST. I taught school 44 years and worked two jobs for 20 of those years. Perhaps I am one of the people your family had in mind to help when they began Old North State Trust. I am very thankful for my relationship with ONST.”


“Old North State Trust separates itself with service in every aspect of relationship management. There are many great local financial firms, however I don’t know anyone that offers a trust officer you can reach locally anytime the need for help arises. Old North State Trust has a statewide presence and a team that will travel when needed to meet face-to-face with clients as a routine practice even if a client does not live in the immediate local proximity to one of its many offices.”

Attorney Kevin

” My mother needed someone to manage her financial affairs and Old North State Trust was the perfect fit. They went over and above with sound advice and personal comfort for my mother. She never lost a moments rest worrying about her future.”


“We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Old North State Trust since 2012 in advising our Firm and the Firm’s Retirement Plan participants. ONST has provided excellent services. They go above and beyond to help us navigate through the many Plan options and strategies. In addition to their wealth of knowledge and experience, they are great communicators. The folks at ONST are able to take complex data and information and make it understandable and useful to the Plan Administrators and participants. We look forward to many more years working with ONST.”


“I have had one financial advisor during my entire 35-year medical career. I wanted to extend the bandwidth to using a Self-Directed Sep IRA. I was referred to Susan and her team at Old North State Trust. It takes many years to trust anyone with my investments and after a relatively short time, I knew they were the best. Accessible, family-oriented, and caring about our individual needs. Down the road, I moved additional funding to their managed account portfolio, and this move to them pretty much says it all.”


“I like that ONST has been family-run for a long time with low staff turnover and has an old-fashioned small-town feel. Like I’ve said, I was raised in a town of 5,000 people in South Texas so am very comfortable with small-town service.”