Trust Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer independent corporate Trustee services. With over two hundred and fifty years of experience in trust and estate administration.

“Your family certainly achieved that goal of creating a client-centered culture at ONST. I taught school 44 years, and worked two jobs for 20 of those years. Perhaps I am one of the people your family had in mind to help when they began Old North State Trust. I am very thankful for my relationship with ONST.”



“Old North State Trust separates itself with service in every aspect of relationship management. There are many great local financial firms, however I don’t know anyone that offers a trust officer you can reach locally anytime the need for help arises. Old North State Trust has a state wide presence and a team that will travel when needed to meet face-to-face with clients as a routine practice even if a client does not live in the immediate local proximity to one of its many offices.”

-Attorney- Kevin


” My mother needed someone to manage her financial affairs and Old North State Trust was the perfect fit.  They went over and above with sound advice and personal comfort for my mother. She never lost a moments rest worrying about her future.”



Specializing in Investment, Trust and Estate Services

Trust Services
Trust Services

At Old North State Trust, our professional staff has over 250 years of combined experience, giving us knowledge and resources needed to handle all aspects of the important, personal matters which may arise with compassion and complete confidentiality.

Estate Settlement
Estate Settlement

Serving as executor of an estate is often complex and time consuming. Many of the matters are too sensitive for a grieving family member or relative to be burdened with. We will take the burden and responsibility from our client’s family by guiding and counseling them through this difficult period in their lives.

Asset Management
Investment Management

At Old North State Trust, we believe that investment management is an integral part of our client’s overall financial well-being, and we are committed to managing our client’s accounts with great attention to detail and the utmost respect for their financial goals.

Tax Consulting
Tax Consulting

Old North State Trust, LLC began providing tax-consulting services to complement its other successful service lines including asset management and qualified plan administration. We provide family-owned and closely- held businesses with an “all inclusive” approach to financial services that fully addresses the unique needs of each customer.

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Our Philosophy

Old North State Trust brings distinction in objectivity and expertise to fee-based services with an intense focus on quality customer service. Trustworthiness is the cornerstone around which we have built our company. This is the one characteristic of our business philosophy that has been emphasized from the beginning, and about which one hears most often. In addition, honesty, integrity, and fairness characterize our service and dedication in meeting the financial goals of our clients.

News and Publications

Old North State Trust publishes a monthly newsletter in conjunction with Broadridge Forefield as a service to clients and friends. The information contained in these publications is intended to provide general information about issues related to trust, investment, and estate related topics. Readers should be aware that the facts may vary depending upon individual circumstances. The information contained in these publications is intended solely for informational purposes, is proprietary to ONST and is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete or timely.

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