Estate Planning & Settlement Services

At Old North State Trust, our experienced team specializes in Greensboro estate planning, providing comprehensive services for trusts that prioritize the wishes of trust creators and the financial well-being of beneficiaries. We understand that estate planning in Greensboro is a personalized journey, and we tailor our expertise to align with your unique goals. Whether you’re starting a new estate plan or need assistance with trust management, our dedicated Greensboro estate planning advisors guide you through the process, ensuring your legacy is preserved and assets distributed efficiently while minimizing tax implications. Choose Old North State Trust for trusted estate planning in Greensboro, securing your family’s future and wealth with precision and care.

  • Arranging to have sufficient funds for the family during probate
  • Gathering and valuing estate assets
  • Completing all filings required by the Clerk of Court & verifying the validity of claims
  • Filing all accounting and tax returns, including final income tax, estate tax, and fiduciary tax returns
  • Distributing the assets in accordance with the terms of the governing instrument