Old North State Trust History

North State Financial became Old North State Trust, LLC. Over the next 20 years, ONST expanded to six office locations throughout North Carolina, acquired NewBridge Bank Trust Department, and also obtained charters in the states of Tennessee and Georgia.

Many ask the origin of the ONST logo, and it truly represents ONST’s relationships with clients, partners, friends, and families. The logo is a pinecone enclosed in a circle. The circle represents the passage of time where there is no end especially when it comes to a client’s legacy and the eventual transfer of wealth to future generations. And, why the pinecone? North Carolina’s native long-leaf pines have evolved to withstand adverse circumstances over many years: fire, floods, drought, and wind. To us, the pinecone represents longevity, strength, and the ability to withstand uncertainty. The pinecone’s overlapping scales can also represent the many different layers of a client’s needs. Just as no two pinecones are the same, so our client’s circumstances are unique.

Some of our clients may thrive on uncertainty and see potential opportunities in every crisis. Others require as much safety and security as we can find for them. For both types of investors, and all the others in between, we work hard to ensure that the advice they get is tailored to their needs – and that it’s always good advice and in their best interest.