Financial Planning

Financial Planning is about empowerment in making knowledgeable decisions with clarity and confidence.

As a fiduciary, we are committed to providing transparent, straightforward, and unbiased advice to our clients. When seeking financial advisors, trust is paramount, and our clients can rely on our unwavering dedication to their financial well-being. Financial planning is a multi-step process that evolves over time, tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.

We partner with our clients in learning what is important to them, the specific financial challenges they may be facing, and their life goals. By collaborating closely, we create a meaningful framework and actionable steps to take. Whether you are accumulating wealth, navigating through life changes like a divorce, or preparing for retirement, a solid financial plan and regular monitoring are essential for securing your financial future.

When you choose us as your Greensboro NC financial advisors, you gain a trusted partner who can help answer the many questions that arise when considering your financial security. We are here to guide you through life’s financial complexities, ensuring that you are well-prepared to achieve your goals and face the future with confidence.

Am I prepared for an unexpected death of my spouse?

Will I be able to support my aging parents?

How will I know when I should retire?

How should I prepare financially for divorce?

How do I balance investing for my current needs and for the future?


It’s all about you. The first meeting includes an exchange of questions, concerns and ideas to determine if we can truly provide value in assisting you in meeting your goals and objectives.

Empower Your Financial Future with Greensboro NC Financial Advisors

This is a summary of what this analysis may include.

Analysis of your cash flow, assets, and liabilities including:

  • Titling of assets
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Terms of debt obligations
  • Medical expenses
  • Investment Accounts review
  • Risk level determination
  • In-depth review of assets held including cost, diversification, and correlation
  • Time frame and purpose for each account
  • Retirement account distribution strategies
  • Tax efficiency
  • Reviewing factors of your Insurance policies such as purpose, premium, death benefit.
  • Gifting and Charitable intents
  • Review of current Estate Planning documents
  • Analysis from a tax perspective

Using robust software, multiple scenarios are prepared and discussed with the client that align with the framework of what the client is trying to accomplish
Diversified strategies are proposed to achieve goals and decrease risk

  1. Understanding of overall plan and steps necessary to achieve success
  2. Ongoing adjustments and enhancements


Old North State Trust – Greensboro, NC Financial Advisors

When you choose Old North State Trust as your trusted financial advisors, you’re making a commitment to securing your financial future. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique financial landscape of North Carolina and is dedicated to delivering personalized financial solutions tailored to your needs.

With Greensboro, NC financial advisors from Old North State Trust, you can rest assured knowing that your financial goals are in capable hands. We prioritize open communication, actively monitoring your investments, and providing expert guidance to help you achieve your financial aspirations. Your peace of mind is our ultimate goal, and at Old North State Trust, we believe that you matter. Let’s embark on your financial journey together, ensuring a prosperous future for you and your loved ones.