Several informational articles have been written by our advisors at Old North State Trust, LLC for you in assisting your planning needs. For older articles, please visit our Archive page.


401(k) Ins and Outs

Smart Retirement Planning Ideas

Have to Choose a Health-Care Plan?

Kids, Educating, Saving, and Investing

Charitable Trusts Let You Split Gifts Between Philanthropy and Family

Don’t Panic: Rules Have Eased On Drawing Cash From Retirement Funds

Trustees Can Face Tricky Technical and Personal Challenges

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do- Attention to Estate Planning Makes It Easier


Repairing Estate Planning Mistakes

Tax Filing and RMD Updates

Peace of Mind

Memo for Heirs

Plan Now So New Federal Retirement Law Doesn’t Hit Heirs

Don’t Overlook Those Harder-to-Sell Assets When Making An Estate Plan

Get Professional Advice When Navigating Medicare’s Tricky Waters

Succession Planning: Ensuring Your Business Goes On Can Be Complicated

No Spouse, No Children: ‘Solo’ Seniors Entering Retirement on Their Own

Instead of Isolation or Institution, a Third Approach to Senior Housing

It’s Time to Find Solutions to Pending Crisis in Retirement Plans

Investors with a Cause Can Put Their Money Where Their Hearts Are

ABLE Act Creates Tax-Sheltered Option to Provide for Disabled Family Member

Use Trust or ABLE Accounts to Ensure Care for Special-Needs Family Member

Women and Balancing the Challenges of Life and Investments

Manage a Dynasty’s Fortunes Across Generations

Millennials Facing Heavy Debt Burden, Need Realistic View of Future

In a Volatile Market, Cheap & Fast Advice Isn’t Good Enough

Long-term Care Insurance

Inherited IRA’s

Beneficiary Designations