Investment Management

We work in partnership with our clients to understand goals and objectives to create tailored investment strategies based on robust research and a disciplined process.  We use a fee-based approach and do not utilize any proprietary products in order to provide transparent and objective asset management.


At Old North State Trust, we take a long-term investment approach.  As critical thinkers in this area, we appreciate the decisions and factors that come with growing, preserving, and transferring wealth.  We emphasize proper diversification and careful asset selection as primary methods to reduce risk. Our dedicated investment team leverages robust research and technology as means to make informative decisions on behalf of our clients.


Because Old North State is an independent trust and wealth management company, we have the freedom and flexibility to use the most attractive investment assets to build portfolios that best fit our clients’ objectives.


Investment Philosophy

Market Inefficiencies:  We believe that equity markets are not efficient.  We strive to find inefficiencies in the market in order to add value to our clients’ portfolios with individual equity securities.

Fundamental Analysis:  By consistently studying economic indicators and financial data, we uncover fundamentally strong companies within resilient industries.  When analyzing an individual equity, we evaluate all aspects of the company, from cash flows to supply chain, in order to measure true intrinsic value.

Fund Selection:  To achieve greater diversification across Equity and Fixed Income markets, we utilize Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds in client portfolios.  In our fund selection process, all funds are reviewed for their consistency with general market returns, risk adjusted returns, and potential tax implications.  Equity funds are selected based on their asset class focus, geographic focus, market capitalization focus, and sector allocations.  Fixed Income funds are chosen for their asset class focus, geographic focus, interest rate sensitivity, and credit risk.  Through our use of both passive and active investment funds, we aim to keep expenses down for our clients. We utilize passive funds primarily for their lesser costs and resulting efficiencies. Active funds are primarily utilized for areas of financial markets where manager tenure and expertise are beneficial for our clients.

Risk Control and Consistency:  Our objective is to design portfolios that will potentially generate returns at or above their respective benchmarks while taking on less risk.  In order to preserve capital, it is imperative that portfolios are designed to be uncorrelated with the overall market.  Through strategic decisions regarding asset allocation, careful security selection, and a long-term approach, our portfolios are created to generate upside potential during bull markets and downside protection in bear markets.


The Client Experience

We believe in a collaborative relationship with our clients; we take the time to educate all clients on our rationale for decisions within their portfolios and we encourage frequent communication to ensure the investment strategy employed aligns with their goals.