The Market Roller Coaster

Kids, Savings, and Investing

Divorce and Social Security 

Peace of Mind

Spring Cleaning

Being an Executor of An Estate is Tough, Not a Job for Just Anybody

The Time to Have “The Talk”

Highly Trained Professionals Face Special Financial Challenges

Olympic Lessons for Investors

Managing and Growing Your Wealth Insightful Discussion


Old North State Trust- The Perfect Partner

Fighting Alzheimer’s

The Merits of Trusts vs. Guardianship’s for Minor Children

What About Bam? (or Fido)

We’re Living in Scary Times

Don’t Let Incorrect Beneficiary Designations Undermine Your Estate Planning

What Retiree’s Need to Know

Assets Not Easily Converted to Cash? Life Insurance Can Help

Use Your Will to Specify How to Handle Debts

Trusted IRA’s

Keep Mental Hang-Ups from Sabotaging Estate Planning

Who Do You Trust?

Defending Inheritance and Gifts from Divorce

The Benefits of Being a Fiduciary


Weird, Wonderful and Absurd

ABC’s of Time and Money

Heirs Not So Reliable?

Plan for the Worst and Hope for the Best

One Certainty About Investments: Markets Hate Uncertainty

Signs That Your Estate Plan Needs a Lift

Don’t Settle for Being a Larger Institution’s ‘Loss Leader’

Recognizing The Various Forms of Elder Abuse

Seeing Clearly: Truth is Earned Through Transparency

The Olympics of Savings

In Good Form: Essential Health Care Paperwork in Estate Planning

Inherited IRA’s

Two Approaches to Charity

Helping Women Plan Their Financial Futures

The Happy Medium of Investing: Pay Attention, But Not Too Much

The Generational Divide

Old North State Trust Press Release

Failure to Write or Update a Will Creates Crisis for Survivors

Who Will Handle Your Estate’s Tangible Assets?

Managing Wealth Amid Uncertainty and Beyond

The Reality Regarding Alternative Assets

Defend Against Identity Theft

How to Listen Effectively and Serve Your Clients Better

Do You Really Want to Leave a Large Inheritance?

Understanding Psychology Helps Investors in a ‘Rational’ Market

The Drawbacks of Robo-Advisors

Trusts Can Include Incentives for Heirs to Act Responsibly

Don’t Neglect To Leave Instructions About Your ‘Stuff’

People without Heirs need Estate Planning, too

Successful Trust Relationships Bridge Generations

Managing Your Assets Like You Would Manage Them Yourself

Elder Law Documents Are Important

Trusts Are Invaluable for People with Special Needs

Tax Planning Must Be Personalized to Client’s Unique Goals

Professional Expertise Helps In Navigating Tax Decisions

Where, Oh Where Has My Customer Service Gone?

Succession Planning Helps Pass Business to Next Generation

Preparing Children for the Eventual Transfer of Wealth

Estate Planning Mistakes

Managing Your Money Through Living Trust

The Trust Company Enigma

Charity or Family

Is A Living Trust Better Than A Typical Investment Account

Review My Will! Why?

Selecting The Right Trustee

Common Misconceptions/ Living Trusts

Roth Conversion

Bank Buildings: Then and Now