Old North State Trust History

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As we continue our steadfast dedication to our clients and our community, we are excited to share the news of the repositioning of our corporate headquarters to the eastern corridor of the historic Revolution Mill.  Ours is a company with an extensive history, upheld by humble concepts that have been passed down for generations: a dedication to taking care of clients and employees and staying above board and honest in all business transactions.  The underpinning of such efforts is a history of proven customer satisfaction – a product of our having remained an independent company, providing the most personalized service available.

The origins and philosophy of the Old North State can be traced back to the early 1900’s, shortly after the Sternbergers and Cone Brothers broke ground on what would later become the world’s largest exclusive textile producing mill, and later dubbed Revolution Mill.  Denis de St. Aubin, founder and CEO of Old North State Trust, formed our company over two decades ago in an effort to manage family assets tied to the sale of a family clothing and hosiery business that was first established in 1916.  In 1992 he started a Registered Investment Company, which soon-after evolved into a full-service provider with expertise in Financial and Estate Planning, Portfolio Management, Retirement Plans, and Trust Services.  Having received its charter from the Commissioner of Banks in 2004 to officially operate as a trust company, Old North State Trust remains the only Greensboro-based financial firm whose entire team of experts work in unanimity and under the same roof, bolstering the synergy among different departments that results in higher efficiency and superior results for our clients.

The new year will help to commemorate where it all began for Old North State Trust, as we look forward to relocating our Greensboro headquarters to the recently restored Revolution Mill.  This measure will weave together the antiquity of the historic North Carolina landmark and our dyed-in-the-wool culture of family success realized strictly through that of our clients and the families we serve.

We thank you all for joining us in support of our history – and our future.




Note – we plan to celebrate our new office transition appropriately, and we hope you will be able to join us in that celebration.  Please expect further details in the very near future!