The Benefits of Being a Fiduciary

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There has been a lot of discussions lately about the merits of being a Fiduciary and whether the Fiduciary Rule will be enacted or if it will indeed be struck down by President Trump.  Fiduciaries have been around for hundreds of years.  In fact, the idea of fiduciaries started back in feudal times when knights went off to fight in the Crusades and had to leave their estates for many years.  They needed someone that they could trust their livelihoods with that would treat the property the way that the knight would treat it.  This is the fiduciary standard.  People are often confused and believe that the fiduciary is to treat the assets the way they would treat their own assets, but this is not the case.  A fiduciary must act as the owner would act.  He must place himself in the position of the owner and act as the owner would act.  A fiduciary must be impartial between beneficiaries and his first duty must be to the client, above himself or anyone or anything else.


Some may think this is a huge burden, but it’s actually a privilege.  In fact, being a fiduciary allows you a unique perspective into the lives of your clients that you can’t get in any other profession. You become a part the family, a confidante, more than just a financial advisor.  Yes, you manage their investments and help them with their estate and retirement planning, but it is so much more.  We’ve had clients that tell us that we’re the only ones they can share their problems and concerns without judging them.  They have concerns about their children that they don’t want to share with others.  They share their worries about the future, not just financial worries, but concerns about their children, grandchildren, church, and anything else that is on their minds.  We can’t solve all their problems, but we can listen and offer advice on the things we have expertise in and what we’ve seen that works in other situations.  Our clients are grateful for the help we offer and appreciate a sympathetic ear from someone they know cares and understand their situation. We even have a client that calls one of our advisors Mama!  That’s a great feeling and one that you can’t get as just a financial advisor or a transactional business.  It’s a bond formed by trust and respect and by being in the trenches with the client.  Yes, there are challenges, but they are far outweighed by the benefits of knowing you are helping people.




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